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About Me

Reading the obscure

I’m Kristopher and I review books; both old and new. You can also find essays about books that I’ve read, as well as my thoughts on what it means to be a reader.

A few of my favourites:

You can find more of my recommendations on my site.

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Posting Schedule

I’ll be posting new content (Reviews, Essays, Articles etc.) every Thursday, with journal entries in between.

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Rating System

What makes a great book? The characters? Plot? Pacing?

I add up all these components to give a unique value, with an average rating out of ten displayed at the end of each review. For me, I always look for the emotion in which the book in question evokes.

Regardless of whether it’s good or bad, if it manages to bring feelings of happiness, sadness, love, fear, disgust etc, these are all better than a book that’s just plain boring.


All illustrations are by the super talented Zarya Kiqo. You can find more of Zarya’s wonderful work over on Behance. Go take a look!

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