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My Reddit Gifts (Books 2018) Just Arrived

This morning I rushed to the door to greet the postman. In his hand was two packages, both book shaped! I knew they were from my Reddit Secret Santa – Books 2018.

I tore open the first package to unveil ‘70% Wool 30% Acrylic‘ by Viola Di Grado. I’ve never heard of this book so I’m super excited to read it. It is also the winner of the 2011 Campiello First Novel Award as Di Grado published this début book at only 23 Years old.

The second package housed ‘Asleep‘ by Banana Yoshimoto. Again this is not a book that I’m familiar with but from reading the back blurb I can see that my Secret Santa has done their research. I’d noted on my profile the love I have for Ask the Dust by John Fante along with Chuck Palahniuk and several others.

Banana Yoshimoto has a magical ability to animate the lives of her young characters, and here she spins the stories of three women, all bewitched into a spiritual sleep.

Asleep – Book Blurb

In the coming weeks, I’ll write reviews for both of these books so if you would like to receive these reviews straight to your inbox then subscribe on the left-hand side.

If you’re reading this Secret Santa; thank you so much. As much as I enjoy researching my match and stalking their Goodreads profile (that’s ok right?). Then on to wrapping the gifts and writing a personalised letter. However, it’s also great to receive a well thought out gift.

How to Sign Up for Reddit Gifts

If you’re interested in getting involved with Reddit Gifts (which I highly suggest and it’s FREE to join) you can do so here. I hope to get matched with you soon… or Bill Gates!

Do you take part in Reddit Gifts? What have your experiences been so far? Let me know below.

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